Sunday, July 13, 2008

12th of July

Today is a very special day. Wanna know why?

Try a guess.


Try again!

OK I'll put you out of your misery. Today is the 12th of July! It's the day all Protestants and Orange men in Northern Ireland and all over the world celebrate the Battle of the Boyne, won by Sir William of Orange a loong looong time ago.

I didn't actually go down because I have decided to turn Protestant, or even because I've decided to be an Orange women (or part of the Orange men group). I just went down for the fun of it. Plus I get to see boys in kilts and stuff. It was absolutely brilliant. Apart from the initial half an hour or so whenever me an Auntie Carol couldn't find Nanny and Auntie Heather among crowds and crowds of people, it was a really good day.

Besides, I got a foot long hot dog! Yes, it's a FOOT LONG HOT DOG! Meaning imagine a sausage, that is 30cm long, fresh off the grill still sizzling in fat, placed in a nice soft loooong bun. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I love my food :D From that above paragraph, I think everyone can tell why I REALLY went to that parade today. For the food!

But seriously though, I really liked sitting there watching various bands go pass. There were wee children of about 4 or 5 walking with their parents, men with huge bass drums on their stomachs banging the drum as if it was the person they hated, it was even noisy at times. I do love watching them though. Especially the brass bands with euphoniums and tubas in them. Makes me kinda miss the days from band. Though I wouldn't want to be marching for a few hours straight while playing. That would be such a super human effort for me.

Something has been worrying me lately. I don't think I like my food as much anymore. I don't seem to derive as much pleasure from eating as normal. And I get full a lot faster now. Which is a good thing I guess, judging from my impending weight problem. In no time, I'll probably be the rough size and weight of a baby whale! Yikes.

That's all for today I guess. Take care everyone! And have a good day no matter what you do!

"A child's spirit is like a child, you can never catch it by running after it; you must stand still, and, for love, it will soon itself come back. "-Arthur Miller (American playwright and essayist, he was a prominent figure in American literature and cinema)