Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Today I'm with the kiddies in church. It was really fun :D There were quite a few kids and they were all playing and things. One or two of them even came up to me voluntarily and I was like "Aww..!" Anyway, I found that children have as much of a personality as we do.

Yes yes, I know that we are supposed to know that children are still people, just smaller and not as able-bodied. But it is sometimes quite easy to forget that they are people and take them seriously when they only come up to your knee. And I have always known that children have personalities. Just have a little bit of problem trying to break of the stereotype that all children do is play and cry and eat. There was a new boy in today, because he can't talk yet and is still stumbling around a little, I should say his age is about 1+. Even though he can't talk, he is quite expressive with his eyes, and hand movements. From all of that, I can tell that he wants whatever his sister is playing and what he wants, he gets. His sister I must say has great patience for someone her age. I think I would have hit my little sister on the head should she dare to take my toys off me when I was that little.

Like I have been repeating over and over like a mantra, we can learn a lot from children. We could choose to have that insatiable curiosity and the never ending energy. Sure, our bodies will age but it doesn't say why our minds can't stay as curious as ever. In the logical way of course, I'm not asking you to lie down on the ground and cry and demand to be fed. Just be curious, and appreciate everything. From reading a few mother's blogs, I realized that their fascination with their babies and the joy they derive from them comes partially with looking at the world through their baby's eyes.

My childhood was filled with splashes of color that I would never forget. (Yes, I'm sure it's not all the colorful sweets I scoff down my little throat) Every time I think of my childhood, it will be filled with color, and the fascination of how things are. As much as I would like to stay in that time, I know that it is inevitable that all I could do to relive my childhood now, is to remember it. Time and tide waits for no man. Once this second is gone, it's over. Never to come back again. Does that not fill you with fear? That one day, you would have to shoulder the responsibilities of an adult and eventually lose the life you are currently living now. Maybe with me living in another country it's more apparent that I will eventually move out of Northern Ireland and I will perhaps never again be able to sleep in my room as if I was home. People change and most of the time, whether you like it or not, the change is irreversible.

I admit, I love life as it is now. And a little part of me wants it to stay this way forever. Where everything is predictable to a certain degree and safe. Forget about the adventures from Harry Potter and making magic. I think growing up should be enough of an adventure for me. A very scary adventure. At the age of 12, I used to think that I am already 'grown up' not knowing that the REAL growing up process with the real world is going to entail a whole lot of stress, failures, tears and losses. It is only with experience do we grow as people into (hopefully) responsible adults and as I once heard in a movie, you can only ever learn things the hard way.

I do believe that every second is to be cherished and reveled in, simply because you are there and you have the chance to be alive. Looking around on all the advertisements of people from around the world, the domestic arguments that one has seems to pale in comparison to what the people are feeling. Like my e-bay. I have put up two items for sale yesterday and both of them have not a single bid on them yet. I could throw a tantrum and get all stressed about it (as I normally do), or I can just go "Nah, I care, but not enough to get stressed. I can always put it up at a lower price."

I wonder how long I can keep this treasuring life thing before I have my next tantrum :P

"Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on." - Samuel Butler (a British writer strongly influenced by his New Zealand experiences)