Sunday, July 06, 2008

"I love Kung FUUUUUU"

Watched Kung Fu Panda last night with Jordan, Auntie Carol and Uncle Paul. It was SO funny! I loved the bits where Po (the panda) was all being funny and plain immature. And there was this one bit that made me laugh REALLY hard. The tigress was telling him the story about his Mater Shi Fu, and then ended it with "...and now, the Dragon Warrior is you! Someone who treats it like nothing but a great, big, joke!" Immediately after, Po's face contorted into a really funny shape and tigress was like "WHY YOU!" and raised her hand to hit him but then the mantis hopped onto Po's face and said "Stop! It's not his fault! I accidentally hit a nerve that made him like that!" (mantis was doing acupuncture for Po at that time).


Ok, it was just really good. It's packed full of laughs, and yet behind that hilarious facade, there is a deeper meaning for believing in yourself no matter what you look like. I would recommend it to anyone I see! Lots more funny parts I would like to talk about but I shall not spoil it for you. I'll just relive the funny moments in my head in giggle to myself in the safety of my room instead of sharing it with you all. I'm thoughtful that way.

So! To update all of you on Singapore. I now have no idea whatsoever whether I'm going or not. And like I said, I'll leave it completely in the hands of the adults. After all, isn't that what childhood is about? Leaving it up to the grown ups to handle for you. It doesn't matter if the outcome is not as you expected it. Of course I would like to go to Singapore. Very much so. But if the adults feel that it's going to compromise everyone else in the long run, and that it's not right to do that, then like really, there isn't much choice is there? Sure I'll be crying snottily and sniffling, but what will be will be. (que Sarah, Sarah)

If I'm going, I'll probably be so worried about getting lost on my own. Knowing the sense of direction I have, I'll end up some place in London REAL close to the airport I'm supposed to be at, yet still not knowing where I am. Which is why I want some company.

Like Ryan. (Stop laughing at me! I know I'm not too independent at the best of times)

So my dear readers, I shall update you on whether I'm going whenever I can, as soon as possible. And here ends my post.

OH OH OH! I got this wee tip from Claire to plait your hair before going to bed. And I tried it a few times with two plaits, but it didn't work. Just looked like the same wavy hair. And then I tried it with FOUR plaits last night trying to get smaller curls so that I can have REAL curly hair instead of wavy and it still didn't work. Hmm..maybe I'm not supposed to brush my hair whenever I took it out? Sorry for the bimbo-ness of this section. I couldn't resist sharing that information.

"Even peace may be purchased at too high a price."-Benjamin Franklin (one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America)