Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Like my new blogskin? I think it's really really cute! ^_^ All the cats..

Anyway, just back from doctor's appointment today. I went over to check if I've got asthma 'cos since I came here I have been coughing and sneezing a little, especially if the air is dry and there are high levels of pollen in the air. Turns out, I didn't have asthma. Well, the nurse didn't exactly say that, just that it's better to leave things as it is for now. So I shall assume it's not. :P

Last week has been a busy week for me. On Wednesday, I went over to Newry (which is about an hour's bus ride down from Newcastle) for an interview to make sure that I am me. I am actually not kidding. See, to get a job here, I will need a NI (National Insurance) number, which will be given out to all citizens whenever they turn 16. But since I'm not a citizen, I'll have to apply for it. And whenever I do apply for it, they will have to see me with documents with my name and picture on it (eg, passport) to prove who I am. After the hour long bus ride, half an hour of frantically looking about for the actual building, and waiting, I was told about 10min into the interview that I do not have enough information to prove I'm here to study and such.

Everything has gone to waste. (not to mention the £9 bus fare I had to pay all in all)

Luckily, RYAN is there! *Superman theme tune is played*

And I am actually really really happy that we came over to Newry with more plans than to just go for an interview. Like window shopping, for an instance. (that is where Ryan tries to drag me away from the dinky cheap shops) And also, we watched Wanted.It was really really good. Well, I don't know about in Singapore, but over here it's an 18 'cos of the *ahem* explicitness of the movie. As well of the extreme acts of violence. After the movie, both me and Ryan were broke and we shopped about Sainsbury's (kinda like NTUC in Singapore) and came out with two bottles of water, a whole box of 10 jam donuts and a box of viennese whirls.Now I'm not kidding when I say this. But viennese whirls actually melt in your mouth. Sadly, the donuts are more than enough to fill us up. After roughly 3 donuts each, we were starting to feel a little sick and had to throw it away. (NOOOOOO!!) And so, my Wednesday consists of a little bit of dinky, cheap shopping, movie watching, and rushing about looking for a building.

Thursday was a busy day too. It was the day I was due to donate blood. Well, because I took anti-sickness pills the day before for the long bus ride down, and also because I was waiting for the appointment today, I wasn't allowed to give blood yet. So this leaves for me to give my blood in about two months. Which will be the same day a Ryan I think. Then after being rejected of my offer to donate my life fluid, I went back up to Nanny's to see the puppies, and after a while went down to Sarah Patterson's house.

This is Sarah Patterson:Claire and Jude were there too! This is Claire:This is Jude:Played about at Sarah's house, had lasagna, and then headed off to the cinema to watch Sex And The City.*ahem* It was actually quite enjoyable, really funny, clothes and dressing ups were great, and the story line is somewhat cheesy but still really touching. Shall not reveal much here just in case you want to watch it. Anyway, it's alot more *ahem* explicit than Wanted. And it's just a 15!! Can't believe it. Sarah was sitting beside me looking at anywhere except the screen at those bits, Claire was sitting next to me furiously typing a message to Parky, her boyfriend and I couldn't see Jude. It was pretty uncomfortable whenever the 'bits' came on.

Still, was really good fun. So now, to add to my experience of movie watching, I am going to aim for these!Going to look for a part time job so that I will be able to pay for all the traveling I'll have to do to achieve my goal of making it to the big screens.

"Humor is something that thrives between man's aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth."-Victor Borge (a Danish-American humorist, entertainer and pianist affectionately known as the Clown Prince Denmark and the Great Dane)