Sunday, July 20, 2008

Non-adult Environment-Day 3

Well that day was great. Woke Benjamin and the cats up, had to use the Mighty Lead to get him out again but then it was good. No little accidents in three days which is good. Then I had my breakfast of Weetabix and toasted oat things and strawberries. Teehee. Here it is:Then after that I did some washing, sprayed lots and lots of Jeyes Fluid (outdoor cleaner) on the floor outside because it's starting to stink. And then heated up my lunch of fried rice. While doing that, I decided to fry myself up some veges and bacon along with an egg. And this is the result:After the egg, this is the stir fry with the rice.And the rice itself. I decided to jazz it up with some tomato ketchup. Look carefully and you can see a smiley face. Squirting a smiley face on rice is not as easy as you think.After that, I put the chicken in the slow cooker to cook. Let me tell you, the slow cooker really is s-l-o-w. This is the chicken before I put it in.

Preparing it.This is just when I put it in. (Are you ok in there?)And this is two full hours later. It looks nearly the same! (note that the pot was only slightly warm)And then this is four hours later. The water looks kinda stock-ish which shows a little progress from the warmth (not heat) from the pot.When for my piano, Auntie Heather put it on high while I'm away and finally it was cooked. I walked into the house filled with the aroma of cooked chicken. Mmmm.

End result!After my dinner I went to Nanny's for a relaxing time of TV and everything else to wait till Aunt and Uncle gets home. So ends my final post for Non-adult Environment.

My verdict? It was fully exhausting doing all the housework in the house and to housewives all over the world, I take my hat off to you. for future reference, next time I decide to have a housewife, I wouldn't do it in a house with two cats, one very old dog, numerous fish, and hundreds of plants.

Hooray for adults, for they are the ones who cover up what it is REALLY like to be independent and manage to make it look so good. I'm not in any hurry to grow up anymore.

"I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."- Fred Allen (American comedian whose absurdest, pointed radio show made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the 'classic' era of American radio)