Monday, August 18, 2008

Down down down..

I feel so down today. I don't really know why. Past two days have been OK. Well, on Saturday there was a flood in the house in the utility room. Water was coming in through the hole in the wall where the neighbor drilled to get water out of their garden. And they drilled a hole in our wall without telling us. It was raining heavily, the river burst it's banks, and high tide is yet to come. So, as fast as I was scooping the water out while waiting for help to come, water was coming right back in through the hole. Eventually, after about 2 hours, things calmed down and I can stop scooping water out or mopping the floor. The utility room is still a mess though.

Sunday was even better. Felt really good 'cos I changed my bed sheets, scrubbed my own little toilet clean and hoovered my room. Was real tired in the end but it was still good. But today? Oh I don't know. Must be the weather. I just feel so down. Can't be psyched up for anything at all. Didn't want to blog originally. But hey, at least I can get some of the negative energy out right? Maybe I should go get a shower and then go up to nanny's for some puppy love from the Yorkshires. They've grown an awful lot. And maybe I might take a few photos too.

Feel like crying, I have no energy, I don't know what to do. :( :(

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