Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flower Dye!

Feel loads better today. :) Jordan's passed his driving test! Feeling a little envious and yes, now I think I might actually be ready to learn to drive. ^_^ Anyway, the chrysanthemums have been turning pink or red pretty fast now, even though it's just the outside petals of the flower. Pictures of the chrysanthemum!Ryan's coming for a sleepover tomorrow! Feeling so excited 'cos I haven't seen him since last Thursday for a few minutes when we were getting our results and the only other proper time I've seen him was last last Monday. We've already planned to try to watch as many Star Wars movies as possible because I never really remembered watching them before. Yay!

Another sleepover coming up next week at Sarah's. It's gonna be great and I can't wait for it. Yay! Jordan finally passing his driving test means he can finally drive on his own to places. Which also means he can see his girlfriends a lot more wherever they may be. *envy* Don't worry! With me working as much as I can when school starts, paying for driving lessons shouldn't be too hard. Hopefully I can handle the pressure. Let's see how many new things I have now for this school year:

1) Piano lessons and practice for March Grade 8 exam
2) A level exams in January plus my new study plan
3) Work work work!
4) Possible driving lessons

Shouldn't be too much hassle I don't think. Just try to play less then. I can't wait!! Yes I will be so scared, but still, it'll be worth it. Hooray for independence!

"There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means." -Calvin Coolidge (the thirteenth President of the United States)

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  1. hiya :D only replying now to your comment about my wedding invitation designs... i dunno yet how I'm gonna advertise them... think I'm doing a seperate blog to sell them on bu dunno about advertisement :)

    loe the pinky chrysanthemams (haha spelling!) and well done on your grades!!!