Friday, August 22, 2008


Ryan's gone home last night, and the last two days have been great, with watching Star Wars and all. Yes, I really did watch all six of the movies. 1st, I watched:

Star Wars IVThen Star Wars VThen Star Wars VIThen Star Wars IThen Star Wars II
And last but not least, Star Wars III.
Which is basically the order in which the movies are made. It was actually really good. So good that embarrassingly, I fell asleep and all I could think about was lightsabres and the Jedi.

Then Ryan and me went up to the forest, and the beach. Where we found out that there is something wrong with the standard lens that I had on the camera-it was too dark to take photos with, and wouldn't focus properly. So ended up, I took lots of photos with his camera instead. Teehee, was fun and I will put up the photos whenever he sends them to me. The beach was fine, but the forest was quite bad, Whenever you stand at a stationary position for more than five minutes, the flies will come buzzing around you. Both of us suffered numerous bits from the flies. Pests.

Oh! And the chrysanthemums have turned even redder, which is good. Here are the pictures of what they look like now!They're drying up kinda, but there is still water in the vase. The flowers seem to have some what, shrunk. Hmm...

"Love takes up where knowledge leaves off." - Saint Thomas Aquinas (he was an Italian Catholic priest in the Dominican Order, a philosopher and theologian in the scholastic tradition)

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