Saturday, August 16, 2008

Updates On My Personal Life

I actually got back my results for my AS levels on Thursday, but I just forgot to blog about it. So happy to have my results back! This is so great. Here are the results:

A for Maths,
B for English Literature,
C for Health And Social Care,
C for Computing.

I must place great emphasis on the computing results. Remember whenever I failed one of the easiest modules of computing? Well, I worked hard for the last few days before computing, and wonder of wonders! It paid off! For those two modules in computing which I studied hard for, I got an A and a B, which kinda levels out that U grade I got in that terrible module. So yes! I got a C! So yea, got back into Down High, and I'm still studying four subjects.

With any luck, I'll pass my piano Grade 8 this March and then I'll have five A level subjects to present to the university.

Slept with my hair in plaits to see if I could wake up with curly hair, it worked! Well I took a photo for all to poke fun and laugh at. Please ignore my sleep-blurred eyes as well as the funny expression on my face, ignore also, the bad quality of the picture. So here you go! Me and my curly hair:Well today didn't go too badly. (watch out, rant below)

Just, I mean, I appreciate that people want to have to good old time teasing others and making fun of them. Just you have to know when to stop. And whenever that person walks off just stop teasing them instead of throwing an insult at their retreating back. How dumb can you get? Argh. Hate it whenever people do that. I also hate the way I have over-active tears ducts. When are my tear ducts finally going to dry up a little and not dribble at the slightest thing?

I'm totally fine now. Can't really stay angry for long. Which is a good thing I guess. It's a really rainy day today, kinda depressing with the rain just pouring down. But, it makes for good sleeping. Which I can't really do or I'll get a jumbo headaches. Decisions, decisions.

"Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret." -Ambrose Bierce (he was an American editorialist, journalist, short-story writer and satirist)

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