Sunday, August 31, 2008


Had a sleepover at Sarah Patterson's on Thursday night. It was so much fun. Watched Little Nicky and 27 Dresses. Both are great movies and really funny. I even went to see Sarah's horses which was amazing. And they are huge! I know horses can be big but seeing them that huge, that close can be a wee bit scary. Plus, I've only ever saw them in a field far far away..

My chrysanthemums are definitely dying now. They have little dry petals. Going to dump them tomorrow. So here is the last look at them. Say bye!So unbelievably tired now. And school is starting on Monday. Yay! On one hand, I can get to see all my friends and see Ryan everyday again. Well, nearly everyday. But I really can't be bothered getting up at 6.45am in the morning for school. The first few days are going to be tough. :( Ah well, I'll make it through. Received a call on Thursday afternoon from my head master and guess what? This year I don't have to pay £4000+ for my school fees! Isn't that great? This year will be a breeze as well. I think so anyway, because I'm only going to do three subjects. English Literature, Mathematics, and Health and Social Care. The head teacher was saying the universities here only look at the three best subjects so it'll be much wiser to concentrate on three subjects instead.

And I've sent in three application forms. So far, one has answered just to discuss the hours I can work. But it's not good enough for them. Still got a really slim chance though. Waiting for the other two to answer. Sure hope I get a job. I do need the money.

"I feel as though the camera is almost a kind of voyeur in Mr. Bean's life, and you just watch this bizarre man going about his life in the way that he wants to." -Rowan Atkinson (he is an English comedian, actor and writer) He is the best comedian ever. I love watching his videos again, and again, and again...

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