Sunday, August 10, 2008


Remember I got the Nikon D1 camera from Ryan for my birthday? Here are the pictures I took on the camera. Ryan is there but not me because I didn't want photos of myself. :P

Here are the best photos I took outside in Downpatrick. Taken using close-up filters. I love using the close-up filters because you can take photos really close up and in detail and it's great.And this is still outside in Downpatrick. Taken without close-up filters.And are the photos of the spiderweb. I found it and then sprayed water on it and took photos. The one with the spider in it is Ryan's. One without the spiderin it is mine. ^__^Then this is the next day, when I took photos of the chrysanthemum. Remember I tried to dye my chrysanthemums at least pink or red? Well, it's still as pure and pristine white as the day I put it in beetroot juice. Anyway, here are the photos."Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past." -Berenice Abbott (she was an American photographer best known for her black-and-white photography of New York architecture and urban design of the 1930s) Yay! A woman photographer! :) I want to be like her.

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