Sunday, August 03, 2008

Residential Camp '08

The camp was, surprisingly, not as bad as I prepared myself for. Most of the stuff I did can be done, and besides that, I've got quite a bit of free time to myself in between activities and meal times. One thing's for sure though, the chef is really good. Food is sooo much better than last year's.

Right, so first day. I did not go for bouldering, (because if I remember correctly, I got a big bruise from it). Instead, I went for Initiatives, which is, to cut the long story short, a series of games which build up teamwork and stuff. After that, it's dinner, and then a looong trip in Newcastle. I went on the bumper cars for the 1st time in my life and absolutely loved it :) Then we watched a movie called Good Luck Chuck. Really good, really funny, but ever so risque.Second day, we did canoing in the morning after breakfast. People were dragging so much, and also because I let the other girls use the showers before me, I only had 5 minutes to shower. Pretty amazed at myself for doing that, and really come to think of it, the water is so cold, I had to be fast anyway. In the afternoon, we did Low Level Ropes Course and then Archery. Archery is by far, my favorite activity. I must admit my aim is pretty lousy, but still, whenever I shoot the bulls eye out of pure luck, I still walk back to my seat grinning. Night time it's free time, and I spent the night sitting on my bunk bed relaxing and talking to Ryan on my phone.Third day, was pretty much the most exciting one of the whole camp. I did the High Level Ropes Course, which is a series of rope courses about two storeys above the ground. Now, as everyone knows, I'm dead scared of heights. Absolutely hate them. Once I got up the very wobbly ladder, I started shouting "I want DOWN!" before I even started the course because I had trouble getting onto the platform. When I found out that I had to get back down the ladder again, I decided to get on with it. After getting pass two stages I didn't want to do anymore and had to be rescued. :P Meanwhile, I looked back and saw a very noisy guy behind me named Henry shout and make a fuss because he, too, was afraid of heights. Well, at least I was more dignified. In truth, I was really that paralyzed with fear I dare not talk or move in case I fall. Then, lunched and went for Initiatives again. Because I like Initiatives better. You don't have to strain yourself. ^___^ This time, we went onto a bus to Newry. Stayed there for about 3 hours. We actually had to meet the leaders at 10.30pm. But because the shops closed at 9, all of the teens were left sitting on the benches with literally nothing to do. 10.30 rolled on, and roughly 18 very bored, and very annoyed teens still saw no signs of the leaders. Eventually, the leaders came which was good.

Fourth day, which is the last day of the camp. Woke up with a sunny disposition because I'm looking forward to going home. But only yo be greeted by gray skies and rain. The whole camp has decided to not do the activities today and go for a walk in Newcastle instead. Paul led us to near the top of Green Hill I think, and then back down again, promising great sights and scenery. But alas, it's been raining so much over the summer that the trees have grown to cover the scenery. To make things worse for the others, it started raining just before we went down. And some of the girls were wearing inappropriate footwear *snigger*. It was fine for me though, I was actually quite enjoying it. Just don't particularly enjoy being accompanied by a small flowing river that appeared with the rain. Now did I enjoy the lengthy walk back to the camp from Newcastle in the pouring rain. Went home really relieved, wet and tired. Had a shower, and then went to bed. Phew!

Now to say I completely enjoyed myself was a lie. I didn't like the conditions we were put in. Just take a look at our room.And now the showers and the toilet.It all looks a wee bit dinghy looking doesn't it? In some parts of the shower floor, it is actually slimy! And there were hairs from the previous girls who showered who were not in the camp with us! Eugh!

Then here is the living room. As well as the people.So ends my really long post about the residential camp this year. Not too bad, and definitely better than last year in spite of the terrible conditions we were put in. All because I came home with less bruises, it was less exerting and the food was good. Damn I'm easy.

"The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance. Everyone is so intolerant of each other." -Princess Diana (Princess of Wales, was the first wife to Prince Charles, Prince of Wales)

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