Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Feel a wee bit lonely today. None of my friends are free to message me on my mobile phone. Ryan is away to Dublin with hardly any credit in his phone meaning he can't text till he comes back, and Jude and Claire are away to Rome. Sarah is now having her work experience which means she wouldn't be free to text me too.On the bright side though, I did get to spend some quality time with my aunt and Jordan. Even though we're just sitting in the living room playing our own separate games. I was on my Nintendo DS, aunt was on the laptop and Jordan on the play station. We did joke around and talked a little though which is good.

Right, so it's off to bed with me. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I'm going to have some 'me' time tomorrow! Well, I'll try to anyway. Books and card-making, here I come!

"Unless we love and are loved, each of us is alone, each of us is deeply lonely." -Mortimer Adler (he was an American Aristotelian philosopher and author)

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