Monday, August 07, 2006

above, are some photos of the necklace lance gave me. courtesy of jeremy. i nearly made him vomit blood by asking him so many questions all at once. hahax. well...

nothing much happened today, except i saw a few eurasion kids today, two boys and one girl. the girl had the most beautiful hair colour. it's a sort of reddish brown. like this...but the boys had dark brown hair. she looks the most eurasion of the lot with her brown hair and fair complexion. i thought black is a dominant gene...hmmm...but then, hair colour is a result of excess elements such as titanium for blond...and that is the onli one i remember. for me, i'll never be able to carry off a hair colour like light brown, because of my dark skin. but i can always try dark brown by bleaching my hair, anyway, i'll probably be too lazy to dye it.

that is all for today, i think the the previous posts are too long so they sap up my inspiration. k. byebye

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