Sunday, August 13, 2006

happy birthday to sp...may she grow taller in the near future.

august 11

actually, i like her usual short self. dont be offended sp, dont cry...hahax. anyway, the jelly wasnt that well received. i think it's to hard. and no one really finished it. there can only be 3 reasons. 1, it's not nice. 2, they are too worried about the kind of results they would get for chinese o levels(i got B3 for the papers and merit for my oral). 3, the novelty of having jelly in class wore of. take a pick.

when i found out that i had B3 for my chinese, i was kinda disappointed. i was aiming for an A1, cos i was hoping to use it in case i didnt do very well for my other maths and sciences. so i'm retaking it. lots of girls who i considered emotionally strong girls cried. i was so shocked, i couldnt help staring. but i had to stop. for one thing, it is rude and i feel like crying whenever i see someone else cry. i feel really sorry for them. i mean, i got exactly the same marks as them. B3 and merit. but to see them cry like this, it really breaks my heart. cos they are my friends you know, and i sort of want them to be happy.

and i also found out that i had to control myself when it comes to internet acess and computer using. from today on, i will use onli 40min a day.yes. cos if not, i'll have to stop using the com for a few days at the end of the week and that sucks. i KNOW you guys will miss me. and mao er too. hahax...

ps:sp's b-day is on 13 of august. but i consider it as 11 of august this yr because it is a school day!

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