Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the best friend a child could have-esters

few days ago, i learnt about esters in chemistry and they were really cool. it's all about drawing and theory so i really enjoyed the chemistry lesson. now, most of you are probably wondering wat are esters. i'm going to give you two clues. it's sweet, and the kids will definitely keep quiet when they eat it.

k. esters are a product of alcohol and carboxylic acids. i like the name carboxylic acids. carboxylic sounds like something you can munch, like bread. anyway, they are actually flavourings. they produce a fruity flavour which kids love and that's why people put them in sweets and probably juices too. after that lesson, i keep looking at the ingredients of fruit juices to see if they actually put flavourings inside. it's really quite easy to see them. they are usually ____yl ____oate. there are a few different kinds of alcohol and carboxylic acids and they have this table which says wat is the chemical formula and how many carbon atoms there are. alcohols and carboxylic acids are actually this chemical which is under organic it? i'm not really sure. i forgot already. so, they are mostly made up of carbon and oxygen and hydrogen atoms. except the structure is different. you have the double bond and all that stuff. yepz. so back to the naming. they have eth, meth, prop, but, and some others. the eth, meth, and so on and so forth are the indications of how many carbon atoms there are. if it is an alcohol, you say ethanol, methanol, and so on. so if i mix an alcohol with one carbon atom with a carboxylic acid with one carbin atom, i would get, ethyl ethanoate. something like that.

i dont think you know very well wat i'm talking about do you? i'm sorry if i bored you.

i just read jeremy's blog just now and it was about how he just cant feel motivated to study. truth is, i dont feel that motivated to study too. sure, i'm doing my homework. but i dont really revise. which is bad. and for theory based things like chemistry, i dont bother to pick out my txtbooks and flip to the page to find out exactly wat it is. it's probably because my physics and chemistry txtbooks are practically falling apart. and also because they are so heavy. for me, i'm the kind of person who really starts to panic when whatever i'm going to encounter starts to draw really near. like in a few hours time? or even a few minutes time. like the time i went to pierce my ears, i wasnt even scared when i reached the place. onli when the person starts to get whatever you pierce your ears with did i go "oh my god...they're going to pierce right THROUGH my ear. a piece of flesh is going to be taken away." i was so scared and close to crying, my face turned really red and when i got out, my sister was amazed at the redness of my face. sure, piercing your ears dont hurt. but i was really scared at that time.

i'm really feeling the pressure now. but i just cant feel motivated. when i was taking my psle, i was motivated because the teacher scared the shit out of me. but now, i dont feel anything. i see the numbers on the board counting down to my prelims and i would go "oh dear. it's less than a month!" but i still cant study. i used to think there was something wrong with me. now that i saw jeremy's blog, i feel very much better. really. now i know that there are people who dont feel the pressure too. but there is a difference. jeremy is naturally smart. so he absorbs things like a sponge. for me, i only do that when the things are theory based. if not, i'm helpless. and i think he's studying too. cos he knows how to do the other maths questions which i dont know.

worse still he's standard of spoken english is much better than mine. and in my o level orals tmr, he's going to be in front of me. which means he's going to set the bar higher for me to jump over, if i dont perform as well as him, my grades will suck and even if i do, i may or maynot get as good a grade as him. plus, my conversation and picture description suck. ARGH! k. i'm dead meat. he's gonna kill me. my friends and miss nora go "oh, you'll do fine, your english good." and when miss nora organised something like telling us to talk about anything so long as we use proper english, i went "it's SUCH a privilege!" and everyone swarmed over to get a piece of my english. oh man...i feel really bad when i tell people how to pronounce the words which i sometimes dont even know how to pronounce. i used to pronounce words ny muddling through with my strong base of phonics but now that everyone is listening, i'm afraid to tell them for fear of saying the wrong thing. i have stopped reading books and i think my english is getting worse. is it? i havent touched a book for a few weeks already. so i'm not a "bookworm" anymore. i think it is book reading that make people think i'm good at english.

ah...this is really sister is telling me to tell you people that she is pestering me. so i better get going soon. for people who i gave good luck to today, please give me back the good luck if you didnt use it. cause i need it tmr. thx!

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