Wednesday, August 09, 2006

our global city, our home

logo for this year's national day parade
happy birthday singapore! to day is one of those days when you feel so patriotic. even though i didnt wear red today, i still feel patriotic. esp when my parents were critiscising about how singaporean youngsters speak nowadays. we speak "singlish" and my parents dont like it. i mean, without our own special language and accent, how on earth are we suppose to forge an identity? so. to celebrate today, i'm going to blog in red!

lalala...there's nth much to say about today...except my parents made me cry again today. when i didnt want to go out to the temple today, my mom was all "oh, you want to use the phone?" when in truth, i only want to laze at home and edit some videos. ah...i dont care. anyway, i found out that my dad didnt read my blog or anything. he just heard from my teachers about the essays i write...yea.

so anyway, i was watching the national day parade live today and when the national anthem started playing, i was suddenly thinking "wat if some people are like picking on their noses or lying aplayed out on the bed when the national anthem is playing? even the cabinet ministers are standing up and here we are, at home lying down, lazing around and stuff." i, for one, am guilty of sitting on the bed comfortably when the national anthem is playing. so...yea. and singapore has 3 million people. there are definitely some people who are picking on their noses when it is playing and probably doing something i dont want to think about. yea. so halfway thru, i came online to talk to my cuz.

and i saw this jin jun with a lame nick. it says: let's welcome our cabinet ministers, followed by our wardrobe ministers and cupboard ministers. so lame right? that had me in stitches for quite awhile. er...actually it didnt. i juz smiled, which is actually a big thing as i dont feel that much when i am online. yea...

so not much...i've got two videos for you today. one is the theme song music video this yr and the other is like a summary of the whole thing. i owe so much to youtube! i also managed to find the phantom of the opera things. gotta go. i havent got much to write actually. yea. bye.

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