Monday, August 07, 2006

hey people

the twisty curly thing somewhere in my pix of my necklace is my signature. then i juz received an e-mail from my cuzin (the one from ireland) he received the parcel from me already. yipee! that way i can send b-day present for him liao. lalala...the simple plan thing funny right? ok. i admit. it's not funny. i juz want to put it there for the sake of putting it there. but the part where they keep pushing around is funny. that is the onli part which is funny.

i'm going to source around for my favourite opera...*drum roll* PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! yipee...k...i'm going to search for it now. gotta go.

P.S.- whoever has this cd of edward scissorhands or knows where to download this movie, can you please tell me? cos i really want to watch that movie. tell me thru the tagbox. and those hu haf read my blog, can you please tag me? i want to know wat you think of my writing. thx.

this is amber, signing off *beep*

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