Monday, August 14, 2006

good blog, bad blog

wat makes the difference between a good blog and a bad blog? to me, i think it's when you talk all about your day, it's good and fine. cause all your friends who read it will know how you think, wat you feel about your life, wat pisses you off, wat pleases you, wat you like and wat you dislike. everything you say will reflect on all of that. that is if you wish all of your viewers to be limited to those you know in your real life. now, wat if you want to attract those you DONT know in your real life?

i may not have lots of experience in blogging, but i sure have lots of experience in reading them and labelling which ones make me feel like i want to read them. if i were to read a stranger's blog which talks about nothing but his/herself, and wat they did during that day. PLUS all of it takes up and large space. it's very much like mine. and i think it sucks. cos any stranger who reads it would find it nice for a while, but after that, they would think:why should i be reading about someone elses life who i dont even know? so, the blogs i like best are when the posts are witty, general, and affects everyone who reads it. probably something that makes you think for the day. and best of all, short.

i would never be able to do that. i had this blog in the first place is because i just wanted somewhere to vent my frustrations and anger on when i get too pissed off with my life, parents, etc... sure, i know my first post is very good. but i think it is probably because i had too much inspiration in my brain or sth. i was practically bursting. so i created the blog, and let my thoughts splash out onto the com screen. yepz...

you know wat i just found out? i found out that having a blog is like having a magazine in which you need to publish something everyday. something like the daily paper. and you have to research photos to match your topic of the day and stuff. yes, i actually do that. i really put alot of pride in my work and can do a good job of it too, if i really want to. can you please please please tell me wat you think about it? i want to know if it's too flowery, too long, too short, too anything.

and i met lance today!! yea. it was fun. and i showed him the customised noticeboard cheryl and weiying gave to me for my belated b-day present. i'm soo touched. cause they bought the notice board, then spray-painted it and put on my name and two cats. they look just like mao er! soo cute. that was really sweet of them and when i told lance, he was like: you ate it?! and i went laughing immediately...hahax. yea. got scolded about my lousy work for literature today. just because i spelt 'beginning' wrongly doesnt mean i suck at english. that accident happened because i was rushing thru the work and didnt notice it. but the teacher is really pitiful...because i know i have not really passed up lots of my work. so yea...i'm really lazy before the holidays. but it's gonna change.

btw, i met lance last friday as well and i gave him some of the jelly. he said it was nice. yipee!! the picture of the wolf at the top is really nice right? i think wolves are really cool. not that i'm into gothic styles or anything, but i think it's really cool. i like it. but i know my face cant really carry it off. soo...too bad. gotta go...bye

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