Saturday, August 05, 2006


FINALLY i'm able to use the com. let me explain. this is rather complicated. hmm...u see, my mom has installed this program in the com which tracks how long i use my com. so i onli have 4 hours a week. so this week i had over-used my time cos my cuzin from ireland has been online and i spent quite alot of time talking to him as well as blogging. so i over-used the time.

anyway, to put u up to date, lance made me a necklace for my birthday!! i was so touched by that...he gave it to me on 2nd august which wasnt too bad...when he gave me the necklace, i was so quiet that he thought i didnt like it. but actually i was so touched that he actually made a necklace, i was afraid that if i open my mouth, i would start crying. in the end, i told him "if you care for me, why dont you tell me instead of letting me guess all the time? i thought you totally forgot about my birthday..." then i cried. yea yea...ok, i'm a crybaby and am easily touched. i admit. but how many guys would actually make a necklace for their girlfriends? sure, he had the penndant and chain to start with, but he used pliers to open the wire and then close it back. see? that shows how much work was put into it. when he told me "i made a necklace for you", the first thing that came into my mind was string and beads. but this was much more. this involves strength.

then, on friday, i made a HUGE bowl of jelly for jia hwee and cheryl. one each. i sort of anticipated that they both need big bowls of it as many of our classmates will come swarming over to take a bite. as it turns out, they did. good thing i brought extra spoons too. i was so scared that they would go "eeewww" or something cos to me, it looks horrible. i take pride in my cooking. everything has to look good, taste good and easy to eat. when i made the jelly, i was adding sugar again and again because i didnt have a weighing scale and had to roughly estimate how much sugar is needed by taste. i kept adding and adding until the bag of sugar was almost gone.(the bag had less than half left to start with. so those who ate it, dont worry about the sugar content. it wasnt THAT much) then i stopped adding as i still have to make another bowl fof jelly for seowpeng the next friday. everyone really enjoyed the jelly. i was sooo happy! at home, there was no one else to comment on my food other than my sisters. so it was really great to hear from others.

this morning i had a spat with my mom, cause i was really pissed off that i couldnt even watch a cd in peace. meiyi just lent me the cd on friday. it is the story of merlin. quite a few years ago i saw it, but wasnt able to finish watching it due to time constraints. so this time i was determined as well as extremely eager to watch it once and for all to find out wat really hapened in the movie. first, i watched it upstairs, where my father is, but he was doing something so he sort of asked me to buzz off. then i went downstairs to watch, but my sister was doing her work and was very distracted by the tv(she even stopped eating her cake). so my mom asked me to stop watching. i was pretty angry my then, so i asked if i could go on to the internet to use the com, but she has not extended my time yet. so i was like "how come you have not extended it yet? i told you on thursday right? all the way up till now you have not even touched it." then she burst out on me too she was all "who does the things around here huh? all you know is to eat drink and play! you live like pigs!".

hey. i am hurt. i DO do my work and tidy up my table once in a while and if things get to messy, i will tidy it up. and i do my homework now, which is a really good improvement to me. i cant believe she didnt see that. it's as if i dont exist to her anymore. true, i may not really be that close to them, for all they know, they may just be adults who i call mommy and daddy out of habit, but i live with them and it's really hard living with someone who thinks that you are someone from the bottom of the rubbish pile. once, they even told me that maybe they picked the wrong baby during their stay at the hospital. maybe i really wasnt their child at all. i sometimes wish that they are not my parents, but i dont say it out loud do i?

ah well. sooner or later it will all blow off and it will be many of the small quarrels we have had. yepz. as for me and lance, obviously, and practically everything outside home is perfect. my class, my school(i love the way i get free time in between classes), and my social life. balance, balance, balance. lalala. i have nothing more to say really, except that my cuzin from ireland has a fat-ass ego. look at what he wrote in the tag box. yes, he is my twin fromNI. as wat he said was true. but he doesnt have to go "arent you all lucky, you ca, mail me..." spare me from your ego, jordan, it's damn big!! hahax. ok, gotta go, bye.

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