Monday, August 28, 2006

things to come

i definitely cant fix the blog now...and i'm too embarassed to ask jeremy to help. cos i asked him for help on lots of stuff already. yea

there's nothing much happening. my form teacher is going to order mcdonalds breakfast for everyone in the class on thursday. it cost her $2oo+ and she said it doesnt matter. she also said sth like she had put away money for that anyway. i dont think many teachers do that for their class. and on teacher's day too.

in a few days, i'm going to post sth dedicated entirely to my kor kor. he was the one who made me street wise, and probably taught me things about the world which i will never otherwise learn. my parents certainly never taught me to look after myself well, or comfort me like he did. maybe it's because i didnt tell my parents anything but they arent that sensitive to my feelings like he was.

k, not going to say anything more, if not i'm not going to have anything to say. hahax.

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