Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happy birthday to me

hi everyone! today is my birthday! to celebrate, i'm going to sing all of you a song...juz jk. i got lots of presents today. thankyou seowpeng for the pandan flavoured pizza, meiyi for the earrings, huizhi and elvis for the chocalates, seowpeng(again), jiehui and jia hwee for the cards and my little sister for the decorative tape. here are my presents:

chocolates from elvis and hui zhi decorative tape(behind) and earrings(the flower shaped ones)

today was very special. langston was funny...he said "happy birthday shuhao!" 3 times. once in chemistry lab, once in physics lab and once in the canteen. ya. then seowpeng was explaining to me about the pizza and why it looks so bad. dont worry seow peng, it tastes ok. really. you cant stop your mom from using the tomato paste to fry prawns and the cheese from freezing. i most of it and still feel fine. and your card is really nice. then i received an e-mail from my aunt in ireland. it read: to someone very special i hope you have had a wonderful birthday. lots and lots of love aunty carol xoxoxox

so sweet right? then when i came back, i watched some tv then went to sleep. sure, i wasted the whole afternoon away, but i feel great and that's wat counts. i've been really lucky in school these two weeks. last week i forgot to bring my social studies textbook, but by some bazzar stroke of luck, managed to escape the wrath of mdm sue. this week i forgot to bring my social studies textbook again. then today she let us watch a part of this movie called "in the name of the father". as a result we didnt use the textbook. the movie wasnt that bad, from wat i can see. the beginning was really good. there was this contrast. after a few man walked into a restaurant, the restaurant exploded. then there was this gothic sounding music. at least to me, then a man started saying "*blank blank* in the name of the father" i didnt quite catch wat he said before that. that was a contrast. the movie was about the protestant-catholic conflict in northern ireland, where my cuzin is living. so it's really fun, cos i get to know how it is over there now. my aunt said it has settled down alot and only ocassionally, someone will start a riot. but they call those people "thick-headed" meaning stupid, for those who didnt already know. just saying all these fyi.

so all in all, non-social life wise, everything went perfectly well. btw, i did not celebrate with lance. so stop asking. it really hurts. i'm 16 already. i should probably stop dreaming and expecting so much out of my relationship and let it run it's course by itself. lance already knows i have this blog. but i'm not sure if he come here yet. so yea...can i ask all of you a favour? at least all of you in my class who are reading this. can you stop asking me about lance and stuff? cos i sometimes really dont want to talk about it. thx.

alright. that is all for today. i also received lots of photos from around the world and will upload them some day. so thx for everything evryone. btw, jordan, i'll send the parcel tmr. k. bye

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