Saturday, August 19, 2006

badminton yellows, chain mail blues

yesterday i was playing badminton and i think my game improved. i managed to hit like 60% of the shuttlecocks. so it's good. i was playing duobles with jiehui, jiahwee, and seowpeng, then when we were playing, i accidently hit jiahwee's nose. we didnt really know wat happened until she sort of sank down or sth. then i felt so bad...really. i didnt know that i was a menace when i'm with a badminton racket. shit...but then, i can tell everyone is really patient with me. esp when their face didnt go black when i missed the shuttlecock quite a few times in a row. so yes,on the whole, i'm happy. i call my being happy over badminton "badminton yellows" cause the "blues" means your woes or your sadness over something. and happy is the opposite of sad, yellow is opposite of blue in the colour wheel. so there you go, "badminton yellows".

while i'm really happy on friday, my whole mood was spoiled by this creepy chain mail i got. i dont really mind is the chain mail is all happy and about love and stuff, but i absolutely hate chain mails which threaten you with bad luck in relationship or death. i get really freaked over mails like these. esp those about ghosts and violence porn. there is such a thing. violence porn is simply some pictures of real blood and gore which sickos go online to watch for some kind of pervertic pleasure. everytime i receive something like that, i would get the heebie-jeebies whenever i go to the toilet on my own and keep looking over my shoulder when i'm bathing to see if anyone, anything is behind me. and it's really difficult. this usually lasts for a few days.

there was one about bloody mary. the mail said she would hunt me down and kill me whenever i look into a mirror after 10.30pm. i was so freaked, i had to hold my pee in for a few hours everytime i want to go into the toilet in the middle of the night. that's because i had to pass by two mirrors to get to the toilet bowl i need. first mirror is just by my room door and the second one, right across the toilet. how wonderful is that? you tell me?

the one i got yesterday scared the pants off of me(not my shit. i already went to the washroom to empty my rectum earlier) and made me feel like throwing up my dinner. it was this e-mail about starving people in africa who had nothing to eat. you may be thinking "no biggie, i saw then before. they are the kids with skinny bodies but bloated tummies"i saw those kids before on tv as well. but this one showed real starving people. they were practically skeletons and i MEAN skeletons. there was absolutely no muscle at all and it was just skin and bone. i wanted to put some of the photos here but i really dont want to scare anyone who may be freaked out like me. the people were so skeletal, i really wonder if they were alive.

there was one of a starved african crawling after somebody who is carrying a shopping bag stuffed with loads of food. he(or she?) looked like a mutated dog with longer limbs and no tail and no ears. it was really scary. the worse was of an afrcan with unhealthy grey skin(GREY!!!!) putting his/her mouth near an elephant's anal opening so that he/she would be able to eat whatever comes out of it. another shows him/her washing his/her hair in antelope urine. i'm totally serious. this may sound utterly fascinating and fantastical to you but those photos really exist. there was one more which shows a vulture waiting for a boy who was crawling to a food camp 1 km away to die. they said the photographer died 3 mths after that due to depression.

those kinds of photos should be rated as porn and banned. i know it's for information purposes but i seriously think they need those kind of photos to make a statement. seriously. then this morning i started thinking. why didnt those people hunt food for themselves like their ancestors did long before their time? and where there are elephants and antelope, there's game which means food. why did they hunt them? at least the antelopes maybe. i may not be an expert on survival but i do have a rough idea of what people in countries without civilisation do to eat. and the skeletal person crawling after the basket, why didnt some kind-hearted soul just take him/her under their wing by sending him/her to the hospital and then giving him/her a job and watching over him/her until he/she is independent enough? or at the very least, why dont they bring those kinds of people to the nearest charity hospital?

i'm starting to wonder if those photos are fake, but i really dont think so. it's just too serious to be made a joke of and faked. i know technology is very advanced nowadays, but i just...cant ignore it and turn away from the com and forget about it. those pictures still sorta haunts my thoughts...damnit...

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