Monday, August 21, 2006

hate my com...

i seriously hate my com. i had to log in and log off the com at least 3 times before i could come in to post.

thing is, the window stopped responding as soon as i clicked "create a post". shit ass...i had so much to say today but after all that trouble, i have no mood to say anything now.

k. anyway, today is al going to be on girl talk and how guys should be more sensitive to wat girls would think and react to watever they say. the most degrading thing you can say to a girl is to that she is someone who is very loose, and probably is desperate. in other words, say that she is cheap, a pros, and other things of the same meaning.

if you say that, it's going to be very insulting and the girl will feel very hurt. seriously, cant you guys be more sensitive to a girl's needs? to those who already are sensitive, goos and fine. but those who arent, and who just shoot off whatever is on their mind, please be more sensitive, or else you will lose your girl in less then half a year if she is not tolerant. if she is, she'll burst out one day. trust me.

er...i've got nth else to say guys, just be sensitive. and to those who are wondering, it's not because of lance. nothing happened. except he broke a promise which he made in an attempt to cheer me up. i appreciate it of course, but really, i dont like it if my hopes are raised up then after a while, comes crashing down. it hurts you know. but it's not his fault, something happened in his family, and i dont think it'll be fair to him to tell everyone wat happened in his family.

k. now i've really got nothing to write. bye

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