Thursday, August 17, 2006

english oral

my body was pumped up with adrenaline and my heart felt like a hummingbird trying to escape. i walked slowly to the table, read the passage and trying to feel confident, walked towards the table. i am now prepared for wat's to come. after saying "good afternoon", and picked up the paper. then...

WHOOPEEEEE!!! it wasnt really a breeze, but it was easier than i thought. not that i'm trying to boast or anything but i think the examiners seemed impressed. then again, i thought the examiners looked impressed by me during chinese oral. all i got was a measly merit. i expected better. i think i probably got out of point. that's y. yepz. they asked about the place i like to go to to eat, and i said crystal jade palace cause i can have freshly made noodles there. i mentioned that you can see the noodles being made there and one of the examiners eyes went wide. i also said about liking the freshness cos in other restaurants, it's like so obvious that the noodles are from factories can? but there, you get noodles made from flour and water and other good stuff.

there was this topic where i have to say whether i prefer being my own boss or being employed by someone else. i said employed by someone else cause i can give my ideas and watch them being developed, and take shape. but that is if the employer likes it. and also, i adont have to worry about getting my pay, and i all i have to do is swallow my temper and do watever they say. i dont have to thin kabout better ways to earn money and stuff. then we talked about the disadvantages of being employed. then i said you cant really choose your setting, and you cant say you want this cushy office and so on and so forth. then there was this one which the examiner asked me wat qualities i need to be able to be employed. i said to be patient, to have social skills so that i wont say something wring to offend someone and not even know it, and to be able to swallow your temper. cause if you were to shout back at your boss if he scolds you, you may lose your job and if you dont, you will be discrminated for the rest of your working life. worse, if your colleagues like that boss, they wouldnt like you for scolding back.

so yea. and i wasnt even nervous. ok. i admit i feel nervous but just a little bit. and it helped that the examiners were both ladies as well. yepz yepz...well...gotta go. byebye

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