Sunday, August 13, 2006

faceless no longer

august 12

lance is definitely getting a job now. he is going to work as a security guard. not much, but it's a start so i encourage him alot. i managed to accompany him on the phone most of the time. he was on the night shift. 8pm-8am. i managed to talk to him from 8-10+ and in the morning, 7-8. so it's good. though his fren didnt like it. i think his fren expected him to talk to him the whole time and just BE there. both physically and mentally.

i completed my maths tuition homework and even did some extra. the teacher didnt praise me or anything, but i could tell she is quite pleased. even tough i did those easy questions. she did raise her voice at me at the end though, cos i didnt really understand one question and we went through those kind of questions a few times already.

i have decided not to be faceless to some of you. so i'm going to past a picture of myself. here goes...
what are you laughing at? this is a picture of myself all right. i had my retainers on at that time so it's kinda weird looking. but it is definitely my sparkling, shiney teeth. *smile*

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