Tuesday, August 29, 2006


i'm reallycold niw and my fingers areshiveringand numb. this is from the library. yipee! and it's raining outside, PLUS the aircon is blowing straight at me. shit. this is really horrible. i just found out how to cure my messy blog. all i have to do is to get a new blog skin then add in the tagbox and my maoer and counter. so cool!

i am now searching for a blogskin. i want it to be like this one, but i dont think i will be able to find one like it. i like the big fonts, the no-fuss format, i like the way everything is in one page and all you have to do is to scroll down to look at other stuff. haiz. i think all those will be a thing of the past if i dont find the correct blogskin. i cant get the original one. so yea. byebye simple blog format. *sob*

just now i was at physics remedial which was supposed to end at 4.30pm. was kinda pissed at the timing and was thinking about wat i could actually DO with the time, when suddenly two guys in my class said they had to go for dance rehearsal for teacher's day. then mr lee went through the questions really fast and everyone left the classroom at 3.40pm. cool huh? to kill time, and to accompany seowpeng on her posting of very much belated entries, i decided to come take a look too, so i could talk to lance for a longer time today. :P

i'm going to call lance later after this.

i have no idea why mr lee suddenly went so fast through all those questions. perhaps he was also tired, or maybe because, being a teacher as well, he wants to see a decent performance put up for him! hahax. just joking. i prefer the second explanation. funny. i think my inspiration level goes up when i'm more relaxed and when i cant feel my fingers. they're numb now. i already blew on them for quite a few times already. and they're still cold!

i'm now looking for a few pictures so that i can upload it and so that the post wont seem so empty.

i havent started working on the post dedicated to my kor kor yet.

so much work to do on the internet.

i'm writing one sentence paragraphs so that i can waste space. :)

i got back one of my social studies work yesterday and i got this chop with a cute bear saying "good" so yes! i did well.

k. uploaded the photo already. hahax. nothing to write already. byez

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