Sunday, August 20, 2006

maternal grandparents

my mom was crying very badly just now. when i saw her, her face was a mess of red and green. that's because my maternal grandmother almost died of choking during dinner. she was going senile and developed this very dangerous habit of eating very quickly. what happened was she ate the rice too quickly and the rice got choked in her windpipe. then when she vomitted, some of the soup which she drank to unblock her windpipe escaped through her nose. i witnessed it all.

if my mom were to almost die like that, no matter how much i wont forgive her for slapping me and stuff, i would cry too. and my maternal grandfather had serious stroke. his arm nad swollen up to twice the normal size and will be bedridden. he also had to be fed through a tube. my paternal and maternal grandparents live together because my relative who lived with her got lung cancer and there are just no more choices. so, my family is a lively ten people living in a 3 storey house.

i dont want to see my maternal grandmother and grandfather like that too, but i just dont know them enough to feel strongly. i didnt live with my maternal grandparents until recently. and so, i not that clse to them. life is really fragile when you think about it. my mom's sis-in-law had cancer and i just dont know what to do about it. it was a few months ago already. i havent seen her ever since my mom broke the news to me and my sister at thomson plaza. when i saw my cousins(children of my aunt i mentioned) looking at my maternal grandfather when he was lying in the hospital bed, i felt really bad. they lived with my maternal grandparents all their life and now that their mom has cancer and my maternal grandfather has stroke, it's like their world is falling apart.

anyway, i promised you my sec 1 sister's photo and here it is:

she's quite pretty isnt she? she took that photo herself. you can see that camera strap on her neck. and it's at the place where me and jordan's family went to for lunch once. i got into trouble with my parents for making a scene there. yepz. lalala...btw, jordan, wat's a mosh pit? and how on earth did it hit you so that you got a black lip? does it hurt? i bet it does. hahax.

to those who are curious, my cousin looks like me except i'm cheekier and have darker skin. that's all. i mean cheeky as in flesh, not as in mischievious. yepz. and jordan's face is really red too! so you cant call me tomato face anymore when i blush.

now i've really got nothing to write. byebye

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