Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bad day turned good

today started out badly, because my parents had just received the phone bill and because they applied for setailed billing, found out that i had been calling lance for more than 5 times in 10 minutes. after recalling by checking my blog, and through memory of course, i realised that we were fighting that day and he offed his handphone. so i was left to call his house every few minutes in hope that he would pick it up. coincidentially, my parents chose that particular day to apply the detailed billing so that they can see when i call, who i call, and how long i call.

my mom went bananas when she saw that i had been using the phone every few minutes. she called me "cheap" and told me that his family "looked down on me". when my dad asked me to tell him honestly whether i called those numbers, i told him that even if i didnt tell him, he would still know the number as he is recording it. he has been telling me that he is recording the phone more than 3 times. so he shouted and called me cheap too. encouraged by my dad's outrage, my mom chose this time to call me a "part time pros" my dad started saying that at his family, everyone looks down on me. that thinking, by the way, is the result of his parents complaining about lance hanging on the phone. his parents just passed a comment and my parents read so deep into it. i felt completely hurt. i cried myself to sleep that night.

after my dad scolded me that night, he kept telling me "if you need any help, you can always go to me." and he also said "from how you act, how you talk, how you write(write? i wondered if he read my blog...) i can see that u hate me. but i want you to know that i will help you if you need anything." it's not that i hate him. it's just that he sometimes pisses me off. at that point of time, i felt like telling him "what is said, is said. the damage cannot be undone. so leave me alone" cause he and my mom was cornering me in my room when my sisters were brushing my teeth. i hate it when they do that. my mom didnt do anything this morning. she just woke me up as usual. it was like nothing happened. she also said that she feels disgraced to have a daughter like me. i can only say one thing. i. dont. care. anymore.

i felt much better after crying to lance on the phone after school. then to make me feel better, he was like joking around, trying to make me laugh again. i used to have a handphone, as many of you know. but it was taken away less than one year later because i was using it too much. after being used to using it 24/7, it was really hard to not be able to communicate with lance when it was taken away. but i got on fine. so i started using the phone. honestly telling all of you, what you see is better than last time. now when i get home, i sometimes talk to him on the phone before doing my homework, whivh is good, obviously. so, lance was like trying to make me laugh and stuff so i feel much better now.

so, everything sad aside, today is the eve of national day. yipee! (that is the saddest yipee i've ever seen). it was ok, there was this singing competition and there is this little boy(ok, not so little. he is 13 already), he is so CUTE! i can just pinch the life out of him. but his voice is not bad. he has a strong voice. when he came onto the stage, and started singing, all the mature girls just went wild and cheered like anything. me included. i am mature! yay! he has this really kiddy voice, but if he wants to, can sound like a really good woman singer. yepz. and i'm going to find some national day music videos to put them in the blog. so that you can enjoy the music. face the music like a man! you know you need it. hahax. just joking.

i have nth to say already...btw, do you like this blog? cos i'm not sure if i shd stop blogging. lance doesnt want me to come online and i should at least tone down or sth. if you dont want that can you tell me or sth? not that lance doesnt give me freedom or anything, just that he doesnt want me to get into trouble or anything. yea. so pls tell me sth, anything. bye

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