Wednesday, August 30, 2006


i am so touched to find out that kindness still exists in this world.

today was raining and i havent got an umbrella. zoe was kind enough to let me share her umbrella halfway to the nearest shelter. after that, i waited for the rain to get stop, or at least get smaller. then this malay woman was crossing the rad halfway when she saw me and asked if i would like to share her umbrella with her. actually she did that through hand gestures of sorts. then when i nodded, she came and sheltered me all the way until i told her i could go on from there. she was really nice. she told me to take care of my books when we were under the umbrella and said "take care" when we parted.

reason why i was so appreciative is because it would really be a torture to go home in the rain. not in the condition i was in just now. i was carrying books which totalled up to the grand total of 7-8cm and my bag was so heavy. i also had a stomachache as i went hungry during break. then the books were pressing into my stomache and it hurt. even though at one point of time my sleeve got thouroughly soaked, i was still appreciative because if not, i would be suffering more now.

this is the second time i was helped by a stranger when i was walking in the rain. it was also a heavy rain and i was walking in it. yes, seriously WALKING in it. so, i felt like i am swimming. and then i was walking to the bus stop when this guy with an umbrella came over and sheltered me. i walked away, cos, well, he's a GUY! then he sort of gestured again that he wanted me to share it. so, i went under the umbrella and we walked in silence. then he asked where i was going. just then, i saw my bus come in the distance and i told him my bus is here. then i ran away to the bus.

i didnt even say thankyou.

i would like to give all those who ever sheltered me in the rain my heartfelt thanks. you made my world feel peachy keen and made me feel like i was living in a world where there is no pain and suffering. thanks. and to the guy, i'm really sorry if i seemed rude to you. i hope you are not angry. thank you.

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