Sunday, August 20, 2006

my pix is there

agrh shit...jeremy took a photo of me by accident. i didnt know my picture was being taken as well. that's how my face ended up in his blog. oh well, i'm that girl staring into the camera in the foreground. when i saw that, i was like "oh no!!" cos i look quite dumb, really, and i dont usually look at the camera like that. i had no idea that he was going already clicking away so i just stared at him. hahax.

so. i just about came back from tuition and i'm not really exhausted which is really weird cause i was yawning away during tuition. i dont know why being in an air-conditioned room makes me tired. sister is pestering me again. i'll post her pix there later. hahax. to embarass her. actually it's not an embarassing pix of her or anything. just put her face on the net.

k. post again tonight. byebye :)

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