Friday, August 25, 2006


i'm starting to lose interest in my blog.

there are just so many damn bloody pop-ups and i'm very sure many people wont bother to tolerate this really big imperfection. and this really sucks. i was online for 15 minutes on thursday waiting for the pop-ups to settle and it didnt. i'm really sorry about this. i think it's beacause of some of the features i put in my blog so i'm going to cancel them. yea.

i just cancelled some of the features but i think i did something wrong because when i went into my blog after i republished it, there were less pop-ups about one or two. but there was something seriously wrong with the bottom part of the blog. oh shit. so now, instead of having a perfect, clean blog, i have a blog which is seriously disfigured at the bottom. so now how am i supposed to expect people to read some of the stuff i put when i just got the blog?

i really regret putting the features in. now even my tag box is missing and i dont have any archives. my mao er is also missing...argh shit. at least that is what i see. i hope you dont see that. i'm feeling depressed. my blog is a mess. a MESS!!! shit shit shit shit shit shit.

i hate humid days.

it makes me very snappish and want to punch somebody in the face. like on friday, after recess time, i was still mourning the loss of my $10 the night before. someone stole it from the wallet where i take my monthly money out slowly every week. i was needing the money for my ez link card cos the balance is like zero. so i was really sad, i wanted to cry. so anyway, it was after reccess and it was really humid and i was really sticky and all. so i got really fed up. and was thinking that if anyone, ANYONE, were to piss me off, i would punch him /her .

so when i met lance later, i was copying some stuff down. then he was disturbing me like stepping on my feet and such, and i told him that he is lucky he wasnt doing that after recess cos i was really pissed off and i wont hesitate to shout at him. cos i was really pissed at that time. after that, i cooled down, didnt feel so sticky and felt better. and then...

i'm not gonna tell you :P

yepz yepz. so everything is ok between me and lance already. i'm really sorry that i coudnt blog for such a long time. it's that lance and me had just gone through a rough patch. it's that i have been calling him when he is asleep. so he kinda got seriously angry. and so, i cried and stuff but it's all over. :)

argh...i'm having a writer's block now. nothing to write. byebye

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