Thursday, August 10, 2006

who's that pretty girl in the mirror there?

August 10

today i watched "anger management" and there was this part where the lead role had to sing the female part of "i'm so pretty" from the musical. that song is so high and that guy sang it so well. i'm impressed. and there was this orchestra in the background and it's just so cool! i'll try to find the video for you people. i tried looking for the musical itself but it wasnt there. oh well.

so that's about it i guess. and i made jelly for seowpeng's b-day today. not so sure how it would be received. cos it's not as nice as the one i made for jiahwee. my sisters told me it was harder than usual and so, i was knda worried. didnt know how it'll be received by them the next day.

when my mom came back that day, she was very made about the mess my sisters made of her room. she wasnt that pleased when she found out that my little sis cut the phone wire. but i kept singing that song which went:i feel pretty, oh so pretty, i feel pretty and witty and gay! and i pity any girl who isnt me today. which is how i felt cos i talked to lance on the phone today and we were joking around alot. but my mom became...erm...jealous? i think? and i changed the lyrics to:i feel shitty, oh so shitty, i feel shitty and uriney and crappy! and i envy, anyone who isnt me today. but the melody was so chirpy and bright, my mom didnt like it as well. so i stopped singing loudly like an opera singer and sang softly to myself. my mom cried that day as well. but it's nothing much. just the usual rounds, you know, of stress. she was laughing her maniacal laughter and when my sister asked me "what is she doing?" i told her "laughing maniacly and she's going to cry" and sure enough, she did! but it's because of the huge mess we made.

the sight of mess just stresses my mom out. oh well...


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